CH Marvellous Purple Rose
CH Afire's Such A Surprise
CH Afire's Steal The Show
CH Afire's Star On Stage
CH Showdown All Gold
CH Afire's Stage Name Cat
CH Afire's Casino Royale
CH Afire's Cover To Win
CH Statesman You Got It
CH Truly Yours Royal Afire
CH Fiddle-Stick's Touch Down
Afire's Beauty Dirty Rich
CH Afire's Amber Royal

Afire's Backstage Party
Afire's Starring Dana T
Afire's Inez In Trouble
Afire's Achy Breaky Heart
Afire's Smash A Record
Afire's Angel Dust
Afire's Wow Factor
Marvellous Fashion Beauty
Afire's Roller Derby Queen
CH Afire's Bite My Dust

CH Little Brownies Sugarplum
CH Kei-Rin's Root'n Toot'n Cowboy
CH Kei-Rin's Shiloh Of Afire
CH Kei-Rin's Summer Shandy
CH Afire's Gotta Have Chocolate
CH Afire's Chocolate Robber
CH Afire's Ain't No Rodeo Girl
Afire's One Hot Number
Afire's First Name Greatest
CH FowlPlay's Classical American Woman

Little Brownies Starlet
Afire's Choco La Teez
Afire's Shake A Tail Feather
Afire's Just So Chocolatey
Afire's My Chocolate Sin
Afire's La Chocolata
Afire's Too Hot For Manhattan
Afire's Sister Seven
Afire's Seven Steps To Town
Afire's Seven Seven Against Me
Afire's Heaven On Seven

CH Next Chance Bachera
CH Chic Choix Lavernia Lifar
CH Chic Choix Domino Et Chic
CH Afire's Panthera
CH Helbert's Al Capone

Afire's Ooh La Laa
Mama Bianca Material Girl
Afire's Oh My Darling
Afire's Show Must Gold On
Afire's Flat Beat